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Network Inventory and Discovery Screenshots

Network Inventory and Documentation

Scan your network within minutes!

Windows, Linux, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, Mac.
No Agents required.
Identifies ten virtualization technologies (including VMware, HyperV, Xen, and others).
Detailed Hardware and Software Inventory.
Scans up to 2000 devices per hour.

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Network Topology Discovery

Find out how your network is connected!

Determines the switch network topology.
Discovers VLANs and WLANs
Uses CDP (Cisco Discovery Protocol).
Scans with LLDP (Link Layer Discovery Protocol).
Reads mac forwarding table to determine the switch topology.
Collects configuration files for Cisco and HP switches/routers.
Keeps a history for router and switch configuration files.
Network Topology Discovery
JDisc Discovery tracks device changes.

Software Detection

JDisc Discovery uses a sophisticated software detection!

Detects many database servers (including Oracle, Sybase, DB2).
Identifies database instances for many database systems.
Unified Software naming.
Finds WEB Servers and Tomcat installations.
Collects the list of all executables (.exe files) on local harddrives.

JDisc Discovery tracks device changes.

Device History

Tracks changes for your devices and highlight differences!

Create any number of device snapshots.
Schedule device snapshots.
Compare device snapshots.
Compare devices with each other.

JDisc Discovery finds dependencies between computers.


Detect dependencies between devices on your network!

Finds dependencies between blades servers and their enclosures.
Connects virtual computers to their physical host.
Determines how servers and clients communicate to each other.
Checks the list of open ports for each device.
Relates management cards to their managed server.
Plus many more...

Network Inventory and Discovery Screenshots


JDisc integrates out-of-the box with selected CMDB solutions!


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Network Inventory and Documentation

JDisc Discovery automatically documents your network and detects detailed hardware and software inventory for all major operating systems (including HP-UX, Solaris, and AIX). All information is available through a fast and easy to use user interface. Create your own reports to extract the information you really need.

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Discovery Core Product

Device History Add-On
Dependency Mapping Add-On
Networking Add-On
Feature Sheet

JDisc Discovery Network Inventory Editions.

JDisc Discovery Editions

JDisc has the right edition for your needs and your budget! Our Small Business Edition targets customes with a pure Windows environment. The Medium Business Edition targets advanced customers having Windows, Linux, or MAC OS X computers and VMware as virtualization technology. The Enterprise Edition offers the full featureset including HP-UX, Solaris, AIX support as well as the support for 10 virtualization technologies including VMware, Solaris Zones, Solaris LDOMs, Xen and others.
Network Documenation - Licensing

JDisc Discovery Licensing

JDisc offers an extremely flexible licensing for its network documentation solution.
IT Service Provider or IT Consultancy companies benefit from our project license. This license enables assessments at a very competetive price where a permament license would be too costly for the project budget.
IT organizations purchase the traditional perpetual license to have the ongoing benefits of an up-to-date IT documentation.
Network Documentation Success

We succeed where others fail

Documenting a network without installing agents has many advantages. Deploying agents can be difficult and time consuming. However, under some circumstances, agent-less discovery does not get very far. Purely agent-less tools fail, when firewalls block the essential protocols such as WMI. JDisc Discovery implements the best of both worlds. It can run in an agent-less mode for environments, where the access to the devices is not blocked by firwalls. In secured areas of your network, JDisc can make use of its agent to tunnel WMI and registry access through one single port. No effort is required to deploy the agent, since JDisc Discovery performs this task on its own and only for the duration of the scan. The agent gets uninstalled after the scan and therefore, we call this a Zero-Footprint Agent.
Integration with CMDB and License Management Tools


JDisc Discovery integrates well with your existing IT. It reads the Active Directory structure and assigns devices to their corresponding organizational units.
We consequently store all information in a relational database. Other solutions such as CMDB, license management or helpdesk products can easily access the discovered data. Feel free to contact us if you are interested in getting our database schema.
JDisc also offers a set of out-of-the box interfaces to CMDB solutions. Contact us, if your tool of choice is still lacking an interface to our data. We will be happy to assist with the interface.

IT Inventory Solution Add-Ons


Our Add-On products integrate seamlessly into our core product. They extend our network discovery solution with specialized features. With our add-on concept, customers can buy the functionality they really need and do not need to pay for features that they seldomly use.
Our Networking Add-On detects the network topology and collects configuration files from Cisco and HP ProCurve switches and routers. Create device snapshots for your devices with the Device History Add-On and compare snapshots and highlight changes. The Dependency Mapping Add-On detects open TCP/IP ports and TCP/IP connections between devices on your network. A map illustrates how devices communicate to each other.
IT Documentation and Inventory - Unique Features

Unique Features

JDisc Discovery offers a set of unique features that makes our network documentation solution stand out.
Our developers put a lot of effort into efficient reporting. Besides the more than 40 built-in reports, users can create their own reports by selecting the set of data elements they need. Define custom attributes to store information, that is not available through automatic network inventory. Even define your own shell scripts to populate custom attributes. Custom application discovery scripts can detect software that is not installed by the platform's standard installer. JDisc's broad device support detects even cluster installations, blade centers and all major Unix operating systems.
Check out the feature sheet for more details or read our blog for specific topics.