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Configuration Management Database (CMDB)

A CMDB is a database containing configuration records of IT components named configuration items (CIs) and the relationships throughout their lifecycle. In the ITIL context, a CMDB represents the authorized configuration of IT components within the IT environment. A CMDB helps organizations understand the relationships between IT components and track their configuration.

A key success factor in implementing a CMDB is the ability to automatically discover IT components (CIs) including the relationship between these IT components and track changes as they happen.

Industry experience shows that agent based inventory products typically discover 80% of all IT components in the first year of deployment, 60% in the second year and 45% in the third year.

Because of its agent-less zero-footprint technology, JDisc Discovery is the perfect inventory product to discover IT components (CIs) and their relationships because JDisc Discovery is not impacted by uncontrolled changes, such as disabled or removed proprietary management agents or freshly deployed systems that do not have the required proprietary management agents installed.

JDisc maintains a partnership to CMDB vendors and our customers benefit from a seamless integration between the products.