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IT Consolidation

Nowadays IT consolidation has become important as customers want to optimize their infrastructure in terms of utilization, reliability and cost. IT consolidation typically means:

  1. Virtualizing existing physical servers onto fewer and more powerful physical servers.
  2. Replacing existing physical servers with new servers as they approach their end-of-life.

Both consolidation methodologies require an accurate and detailed documentation of the data center infrastructure to do the consolidation planning. Replacing existing physical server with new servers requires an up-to-date documentation of installed software (applications) on each server in order to stage the new servers. While todays IT infrastructure have become more complex and servers are dependent on each other (for example when running multi-tier applications), consolation planning has to take these dependencies into account.

Because of its agent-less zero-footprint technology, JDisc Discovery is the perfect network discovery product for creating a baseline data center inventory including servers, applications and network devices. JDisc Dependency Mapping discovers and visualizes dependencies between servers and thus make it the perfect application to underpin the consolation planning.