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Migration Projects
Migrating systems and applications to a new operating system or even upgrading the operating system can be challenging especially without an accurate and detailed baseline inventory. Without an accurate and detailed baseline inventory the scope of migration projects becomes guesswork in terms of schedule, budget and user interruption.



To assist the migration project planning the baseline inventory must cover all systems on the network slated for migration including detailed hardware and software information for each system.

  1. Hardware information determines whether systems only need simple upgrades or must be replaced completely to run the new operating system.
  2. Software information helps to restore applications on migrated systems as before the migration to ensure minimal user interruption.
  3. Labor cost is a function of hardware upgrades and refresh as well as the number of applications to install on the migrated systems.

Hardare/Software Deployment

While the baseline inventory is critical for the migration project planning the inventory should be constantly updated during the actual migration to provide the migration team the instruments to measure progress and identify systems that have not been part of the baseline inventory.



Because of its agent-less zero-footprint technology (no agent deployment required), JDisc Discovery is the perfect inventory product for creating a baseline inventory. Using JDisc Discovery's custom reporting feature enables the reporting of systems running outdated operating systems as well as reporting systems that do not meet the hardware requirements to run the new operating system, etc.

JDisc Discovery is also well suited to maintain an up-to-date inventory during the migration because JDisc Discovery can discover and identify systems, which have not loaded proprietary management tools and agents.