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When customers outsource their IT - either selectively or full - the most common problem is the lack of an accurate and detailed IT inventory. However, IT outsourcing providers need an accurate and detailed IT inventory as baseline for creating a quote.



Due Diligence Phase

Without an accurate and detailed IT inventory, IT outsourcing providers might under or over assess a customer's IT environment, which might turn out unfavorable for the IT outsourcing provider or the customer.


Operations Phase

An incomplete and inaccurate IT inventory poses risk for both the customer and the IT outsourcing provider once IT operations have been taken over by the IT outsourcing provider.

  1. IT outsourcing providers might over deliver services for equipment that has not been part of the initial outsourcing agreement.
  2. Customers might pay for no longer existing equipment that had been part of the initial outsourcing agreement.

Because of its agent-less zero-footprint technology (no agent deployment required), JDisc Discovery is the perfect inventory product for creating a baseline inventory during the due diligence phase. Both, customers and IT outsourcing providers benefit from increased transparency during contract negotiations.

Furthermore, JDisc Discovery is also well suited to maintain an up-to-date inventory in the operations phase, which can be utilized by IT outsourcing providers to charge customers. Customers can utilize the inventory data to verify invoices from IT outsourcing providers.