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The JDisc network inventory products are easy and intuitive to use and are seamlessly integrated. The JDisc product family is currently comprised of three products:

JDisc Discovery - The Core Network Inventory Product

JDisc Discovery, our primary product, is an inventory discovery and network documentation solution. Many of our competitor's products require propriertary agents on target systems. JDisc Discovery does not need any proprietary agents and uses many standard protocols. It identifies all major operating systems, many virtualization technologies and hundreds of SNMP enabled devices.

JDisc Networking - Topology and Router Configuration Backup

The JDisc Networking add-on determines the layer 2 and layer 3 network topology, collects configuration files from Cisco and HP ProCurve devices, and identifies the installed modules for many routers and switches.

JDisc Dependencies - TCP/IP Connections and Open Ports

JDisc Dependency Mapping discovers TCP/IP connections between devices on the network and visualizes them graphically. This helps you to better understand distributed applications but also to detect security leaks on your network such as open ports.

JDisc Device History

JDisc's Device History Add-On lets you create device snapshots at any time and review them later.

    JDisc Discovery Network Inventory,Network Inventory Products

    Why JDisc Discovery?

    JDisc Discovery is a comprehensive and powerful product that enables many possible applications in your corporation. The summary of applications is not complete and only describes the most important scenarios.

    Populate your Configuration Management Database (CMDB).

    A CMDB without up-to-date IT infrastructure data is worthless. Keep your CMDB up-to-date with JDisc Discovery.

    Preparation of IT migration projects

    Too many IT migration projects exceed their budget and schedule. Often times missing or incorrect IT inventory data is the main reason for these problems. Use JDisc Discovery to keep your inventory up-to-date and accurate. This enables you to better plan your projects, execute them faster and reduce risks.

    Consolidating your IT environment

    IT consolidation helps to increase utilization, reliability and cost effectiveness of your IT environment. JDisc Discovery and JDisc Dependency Mapping are essential tools for planning and executing your IT migration projects.

    Improving efficiency of your IT helpdesk

    IT helpdesk personnel spends about half of the average call duration requesting hardware and software detail information from calling users. With JDisc Discovery you can synchronize inventory data with your helpdesk system and avoid unncecessary hardware and software inquries.

    Get baselines for your IT outsourcing activities

    With IT outsourcing, an accurate and detailed IT inventory is important for IT service providers who need to create a quote but also for customers who want to be sure all of their IT systems are covered. JDisc Discovery is the tool of choice to provide up-to-date inventory data to IT outsourcing providers but also to customers. Moreover, JDisc Discovery can help monitor progress during the transition phase of an IT outsourcing agreement or provide inventory data for billing purposes during day-to-day operations.