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JDisc Dependency Mapping

Today's software systems are getting increasingly more complex. Especially computer-to-computer network communication in multi-tier software systems is difficult to understand. However, understanding network communication between computers is important for migration and consolidation projects in order to avoid unexpected user interruption and downtime. JDisc's Dependency Mapping finds TCP/IP connections between computers on your network and displays them graphically as dependency maps or using table based reports.

In addition to finding TCP/IP connections between devices, JDisc Dependency Mapping passively detects open TCP/IP ports on devices in the network, thereby enabling simple security audits. For example, devices with open telnet ports can be identified easily and security leaks can be closed quickly.

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Key Features

Network, Software, Hardware Inventory with JDisc Discovery

JDisc Dependency Mapping is an add-on to JDisc Discovery leveraging JDisc Discovery functionality, such as reporting, protocol infrastructure and database.

Unlike other products, JDisc Dependency Mapping does not use port scanning techniques, which can trigger intrusion detection systems to cause false alerts. Instead JDisc Dependency Mapping queries the TCP and UDP connection tables using SNMP and remote login.

Connections & Ports

Finds TCP/IP connections between devices
Detects open TCP and UDP ports on devices


Graphical Representation

Graphically displays TCP/IP connections using dependency maps
Manual editing of dependency map layout and contained devices
The port and device type filter feature can suppress irrelevant connections and devices