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Network Inventory with JDisc Discovery

IT environments are constantly getting more complex. Missing or inaccurate network documentation puts your projects at risk. This might even lead to wrong decisions threatening the ROI of your IT expenditures.

JDisc Discovery provides a detailed and current network documentation which helps you to run your IT more effectively. It's agent-less discovery technology minimizes the impact on your network and your devices. While a permanent license provides the most value for your IT. JDisc also offers short-term licenses at a very competitive price if you need accurate and detailed inventory information for only the duration of a project.

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JDisc Discovery comes with three add-ons that extend its discovery capabilities:

  1. JDisc Discovery - Networking Add-On
    The Networking Add-On adds the capability to detect your network topology and to archive configuration files from popular routers and switch models.
  2. JDisc Discovery - Dependency Mapping Add-On
    The Dependency Mapping Add-On detects open TCP/IP ports and active TCP/IP connections allowing you to identify communication paths between elements within your network.
  3. JDisc Discovery - Device History Add-On
    The Device History Add-On tracks changes for your devices and highlights graphically.

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Network, Software, Hardware Inventory with JDisc Discovery,Network Monitoring Tools Creates an inventory of hardware and software
No proprietary agents required
Identifies all major operating systems
Inventories up to 2000 devices per hour
Easy installation and configuration
IPv6 ready
Detects virtual computers and their relationship to physical hosts (VMware, MS HyperV, HP Integrity VM, Solaris zones, Solaris LDOM, Xen, Oracle VM Server)
Detects database installations inlcuding database instances (Oracle, Postgres, Sybase, IBM DB2, and MS SQL Server)

Key Features

JDisc Discovery masters the challenge of today's quickly changing environments. Its scalable design makes it a perfect fit for small to medium businesses, but also for global corporations.

Small businesses can use JDisc Discovery without the overhead and complex configuration required by most discovery products. Global corporations benefit from the flexibility of JDisc Discovery to group devices and to manage access credentials on a very granular level.

With its open database structures and its SQL query viewer, JDisc Discovery can easily be integrated into existing Asset Management and CMDB systems.

Broad in scope

Checkbox Identifies and collects detailed software and hardware information from all major operating systems (Windows NT 4.0 and above, IBM AIX, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, Linux, Mac OS X)
Checkbox Identifies and collects basic information from several hundreds of SNMP devices
Checkbox Detects monitors attached to Windows computers
Checkbox Supports the Microsoft Active Directory environment



Checkbox Can be extended by custom inventory scripts and binaries in order to collect additional infomation that is not collected out of the box
Checkbox Capability to add custom software inventory scripts in order to identify homegrown applications and software that does not use the platform's standard installation procedure


Accurate and Correct

Checkbox We normalize information. Applications names as well as hardware information is displayed in a normalized format
Checkbox Multicore processors appear as single physical processor having multiple cores instead of as multiple processors having a single core.



Checkbox No proprietary agents required on scanned computers
Checkbox No root access needed for most Unix platforms (only Linux requires root login to access the system's BIOS in order to retrieve model, brand and serial number information)
Checkbox On Unix systems, system commands are executed and the command output is parsed on the computer running JDisc Discovery


Checkbox Discovered data and acces credentials are stored in a secured SQL database (Postgres)
Checkbox The setup program creates a read-only database user so other IT systems can access inventory data safely
Checkbox Access credentials are stored encrypted in JDisc's database using 128-bit AES encryption
Checkbox Broad in scope: Discovers virtually anything with an IP address including virtualized systems
Checkbox Complete: Collects detailed hardware and software information from all major operating systems
Checkbox Fast: Discovers networks quickly without the need to deploy agents
Checkbox Ready for the future: IPv6 is already designed into the product
Checkbox Affordable: It's short-term and subscription license make it affordable even if you need it for a short period