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Network Topology Discovery with the Networking Add-On

Every network implementation starts with a clear design and concept. However networks grow as your company grows. New servers get deployed, more clients get added to the network as new employees join the company. Over time, you loose control. You have a rough idea what your network looks like, but you don't have precise data any more.

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Network topology with JDisc's networking add-on

Determines Layer 2 and Layer 3 topology

Creates a backup of your router and switch configurations including a configurable change history

Lists router and switch modules

Key Features

The JDisc Networking Add-On determines the layer 2 and layer 3 structure of your network with minimal effort. Network maps visualize how devices are connected within your network. Many configuration options (such as map filters or hop counts) assure you get the information that you need and that you are not overwhelmed by too many details.

Network Topology

Network Topology

Checkbox Uses CDP and LLDP information to create the switch connections within a network.
Checkbox Creates Layer 2 and Layer 3 network maps.
Checkbox Reports used and available switch and router ports.


Configuration File Backup

Checkbox Collects configuration files from Cisco IOS devices, Cisco PIX and ASA firewalls and HP ProCurve switches.
Checkbox Keeps a history of configuration files
Checkbox Compare different revisions of configuration files
Checkbox Add additional collections


Detailed Router and Switch Discovery

Checkbox Discovers modules installed in routers and switches.