LOG4J Vulnerability

We have written a script to detect log4j occurrences on your local hard drive, .war, .ear, and .jar files.

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Network discovery and IT inventory

JDisc Discovery automatically creates the IT documentation for your network and detects all common operating systems (including HP-UX, Solaris and AIX). The IT documentation contains hardware and software information, IP Networks, Windows domains and Active Directory installations.
Moreover, JDisc Discovery identifies all major virtualization technologies,
as well as many cluster systems.

Our optional add-ons determine the logical and physical network topology, the communication paths between computers on the network and manage the history of all device information. 

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It's scalable

JDisc Discovery offers the right solution for every IT environment. Whether you are a small company with a Windows only network or whether you need to document the data center of a multi-national corporation, our solution adapts to your needs.

Succeeds where others fail

Our zero footprint agent technology allows scanning environments where agentless only products fail. Local or network firewalls disrupt such products, and incomplete data is the result.

Add-ons extend JDisc Discovery with specialized features. Our standard product remains cost effective and allows you to choose more functionality when you need it.

Our Networking add-on detects the logical and phyiscal network topology and collects configuration files from Cisco and HP switches and routers. Furthermore, it detects the VLAN configuration of many switches and discovers WLANs in the reach of the computers on your network.

The Device History add-on creates snapshots of your devices. These can be compared at any time with other snapshots to detect configuration changes.

The Dependency Mapping add-on detects open TCP and UDP ports and TCP connections between devices on your network.

TCP connections and also the logical and physical network topology can be visualized by graphical representations.

Flexible Licensing

We offer you an flexible licensing model. You can purchase licenses at any time and in any quantity.

If you are an IT service provider or IT consulting company, you can benefit from our project licenses. Our project licenses enable you to use JDisc Discovery for audit and assessment projects for which a perpetual license might exceed your budget.

The perpetual license is geared for IT departments that need an up-to-date IT inventory for their day-to-day operations.  

Our annual subscription is another option to license JDisc Discovery for a longer duration. You do not have  to invest into a perpetual license but just pay an annual subscription fee. 

Take a look at our price calculator for pricing and license options. 

Integrates seamlessly

JDisc Discovery integrates easily into your existing IT solutions. For example, JDisc Discovery synchronizes with your Active Directory and assigns devices to the respective Active Directory objects.

JDisc Discovery stores all data exclusively in a SQL database. This greatly simplifies data exchange with other solutions, such as CMDB systems, license management solutions or help desk products. Ready-to-use solutions are available. 

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