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Survey Results

Thanks again for your feedback! Here you can find the results for our UI redesign survey.

I added our comments in Italic below your comments...

1. Would you prefer web-based user interface instead of a native user interface?

2. If yes, why would you prefer a web-based user interface compare to today's native client user interface?

1. Yes, but only with HTML5 + responsive webdesign

  • That's our goal. We are testing now Angular in conjunction with a library from Telerik

2. Some of our customers run JDisc on servers that don't have internet access, so web-based
interface would be an issue.

  • The WEB interface would be local on the JDisc server.

3. Rest-API Support

  • We are creating a REST API in conjunction with our user interface

4. Access from anywhere.

5. Platform independend, state of the art

3. Web-based user interfaces tend to be slightly slower than native user interfaces. Would you accept a slightly slower performance?

4. What would you like to see improved most in today's user interface? What is too complicated, not intuitive and not easy to understand?

1. -

2. - too many tabs - no Filterbased Onepage - Exportfilter for all Content not available

  • We try to solve those issues with our dashboard approach and we want to get rid of all the tabs.

3. I don't have any issues with the current format. One thing that I'd like to have changed is
when you click on devices details and the software tab, it would be nice if it defaulted your
cursor on the Filter line as I'm always going to that area to search for a particular
application. Then I forget to click there and start typing, then have to click on Filter and
type again. Small issue, I know but something I do all the time and would be helpful.
Otherwise, I think the current interface is intuitive and easy to use.

4. Lots of menus and windows. Should be simplified with customizable views. Dashboard
views is a must.

  • You are correct and that is exactly what we have in mind...

5. too much windows, better charts and a better problem board, better configuration context

6. Interface is Ok

5. What do you really like in our current user interface? What would you never ever want to miss?

1. we would never ever want to miss die opportunity to get back on the "fat client" we would
prefer the web gui on top of the native client

2. Our customers really like that there are so many options for the scans, so we can configure
them to run the best for each environment.

3. Status of Dataquality Status of open runs

4. the ease of searching for installed applications

5. Ease of use

6. reporting, filtering, jobs, grouping

7. Speed of UI and ability to directly access the database

6. Which of the following color schemes do you like most?

7. Is there any recommendation or note you would like make for the color schemes?

1. -

2. no

3. Branding for Logosection for Corporate Identity

  • That's what we have planned already...

4. Maybe something in between light and dark. The light seems a little too light and the dark
seems a bit too dark. But overall the dark is easier on the eyes.

5. Just make it look professional and not with too many colors

8. Do you have a favorite application with a user-friendly design you like most? If you could note the software titles or links to websites would help us a lot.

1. -

2. / html5 based opensource monitoring

9. Any other comments? Anything you wanted to let us know?

1. we miss the feature to readout all the office addons on a computer device. a aws / azure connect would be also great.

  • Azure connector is already implemented. The other features are on our enhancement list...

2. I hope we'll still have the option to use the current interface in addition to the browser based format

  • We will support both clients until everything is implemented in the web based interface. Then we can make a decision (another survey) and ask whether to continue with two user interfaces or whether to drop the native interface.

3. The new web interface already looks great.

4. If you change to a web interface then I would be very concerned about the performance, how upgrades of the software would work and the direct DB access.

  • Performance is always essential and we try with an Ajax based interface to optimize the performance. Upgrades and direct database access will not be changed.