Our objective is to work closely with our partners and combine the strengths of each partner product to a fully integrated IT solution. Proven integration interfaces to all partner products are available for the exchange of your IT data.

ISVs/Strategic partners

Together with our strategic partners, we develop integrated solutions.

Synetics with their highly productive CMDB solution i-doit.

The comprehensive CMDB solution EcholoN

The company mIT Solutions with their comprehensive service management solution EcholoN.

Objectgears Configuration Database (CMDB) contains several tens of mutually connected entities distributed to several logical layers.

The configuration management process is to identify, record and control configuration items including their versions, properties and relations.

The company SupaTools Limited from New Zealand with their CMDB solution SupaCMDB


it-novum is a provider of robust, enterprise-grade open source solutions.

The company Lime Software is the specialist for Oracle software license management.

The company AixpertSoft offers ITIL solutions

The company AixpertSoft develops CMDB solutions and solutions in the area of ITIL.

donamic is primarily specialized in combining JDisc and i-doit and has been active in the field of IT documentation for ten years now.

IT Service Providers

Our partners in the IT service provider area offer consulting services specialized on IT management and are strongly familiar with all our products.

Our ITIL consulting partner in the US

Our partner technolava integrates our solution in your ITIL overall solution.

Our sales partner in Australia / New Zealand

Protogen sells and offers services for our software in Australia and New Zealand.

Our partner for JDisc Discovery implementation projects

IT consulting Reinhold Mayrhofer

IT-Teamworker is a cooperation of several IT system houses and IT service providers in Germany.

Our primary partner in South Africa for ITIL consulting

Blue Turtle Technologies offers IT consulting services in South Africa.

Our partner for JDisc Discovery implementation projects

G-Media offers consulting services specialized on ITIL.

The Levigo IT consulting company

levigo systems is a company with focus on virtualization, storage and continuous availability.

Partnership Program

If you are interested in a partnership with us, please contact us at info@remove-this.jdisc.com. We are looking for competent and trustful partners in the areas of:

IT service provider

Are you an IT service provider for migration, consolidation or outsourcing projects, and do you need a powerful network discovery for your projects?



ISVs/Strategic partner

Do you offer a product for IT Management, CMDB or license management, and do you need a network discovery to provide your database with current and correct data?

Software Reseller

Are you a software reseller and specialized on IT management software, and do you want to offer your customer a network documentation solution?



  • Discounts for products and trainings: Take advantage of a partnership and order our products or trainings at a very attractive price.
  • Extended support: As a partner, you always have access to our support, to offer best-in-class services to your customer!
  • Invent: Let us know the wishes of your customers and get actively involved in the design of our product!
  • Exclusive partner information: Receive the latest partner newsletter with informationen about new products and developments.
  • Access to sneak previews: Be the first to get access to the newest versions of JDisc Discovery!