License Types

We offer the right license type for every use case. Contact our sales if you have any further questions. Check out our pricing calculator in order to get a quote for your environment.

Perpetual License

Would you like to use our software permanently?

If yes, then the perpetual license is the right choice! You pay the license fee once and use the software without any time restrictions. With our optional support contract (20% of the list price), you are eligible to upgrade your license to the latest version.


Annual Subscription

You would like to use the software permanently, but distribute the costs over several years?

Then you should check out our annual subscription. You pay for using the software within a year's timeframe. Support and free upgrades are already included in the subscription.

Project License

You would need the software for the duration of a small project?

Then the project license with a duration of 7 days might be the right choice for you. The project license is very attractive for IT service providers and IT consulting companies, who want to scan their own small customers.


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