360 degree network inventory using JDisc Discovery

JDisc Products - Professional Edition Products

JDisc Products help you to get a comprehensive overview of your IT environment. By 360° Network Inventory JDisc means: 

  • the reliable identification of devices in the network
  • the collection of relevant hardware, software and device configurations
  • the determination and visualization of logical and physical network topologies
  • the discovery and the graphical visualization of communication relationships between devices and applications in the network
  • plus the automatic storage and comparison of device configuration histories



JDisc Discovery documents your network

JDisc Discovery - Professional Edition

JDisc Discovery is an IT network documentation solution for simple as well as highly complex infrastructures. Without the need for any proprietary agents, JDisc Discovery identifies heterogeneous networks consisting of different operating systems, protocols, device types and applications. Plus it also discovers all current virtualization technologies and cluster configurations.

Regarding licensing, JDisc Discovery is extremely flexible. Regardless if you go for a perpetual license, the annual subscription fee or a project license, you will always pay only for the number of used device types / operating systems (such as Windows, Linux, VMware ESX, Mac OS X, Oracle Solaris, HP-UX or IBM AIX). Changes in the combination of your devices / operating systems are almost always balanced automatically.

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JDisc Discovery Add-Ons

Add-On modules enrich the JDisc Discovery Professional Edition with new features that are seamlessly integrated into the discovery. Each Add-On module can be ordered and licensed independently. You only pay what you need!

JDisc Measurement

The measurement add-on collects utilization data from servers, printers, routers and switches as well as from many sensor devices and PDUs. It displays the data in a tabular or graphical representation. Hourly, daily, weekly and monthly aggregations provide a detailed overview on how a resource is used over time.

Utilization data is a must requirement for many consolidation and (cloud-) migration projects.

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Security and permission related topics

JDisc Security

The Security Add-On focusses on security and permission related topics. It detects shared network drives together with their permissons.

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The JDisc Networking add-on calculates a network topology for your network, detects VLANs and WLANs

JDisc Networking

The Networking Add-On determines the logical and physical network topology with minimal effort. The network topology is displayed graphically by network maps. Many configuration features (such as filters) allow you to see only the relevant information. Useless data is faded out.

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The dependency mapping add detects dependencies between computers on the network

JDisc Dependency Mapping

JDisc Dependency Mapping detects TCP connections between devices in the network and displays them graphically. This helps to better understand distributed applications as well as weaknesses in your network (e.g. open ports).

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The device history add-on keeps track of changes in your network

JDisc Device History

With our Device History Add-On you can easily create device snapshots that can be stored for later review.

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