Measurement Add-On

Measurement Add-On

The Measurement Add-On gathers counter information for many devices and types.

  • Printer

    • Printed pages (total, b&w, color, duplex mode)
    • Toner and ink level

  • Windows Computers

    • Use any Windows perfmon counter with user definable templates

  • Sensors

    • We can poll temperature and humidity values from sensor devices

  • PDU

    • JDisc Discovery gathers the current power consumption for each PDU socket

  • Routers/Switches

    • We collect traffic statistics such as transferred bytes, packets per interface

With this information you always have current and historic usage information for your environment. This information helps to consolidate your environment or prepare cloud migrations.

We also prepared a video that shows the add-on in action.


The measurement add-on reads counter information and stores its values in regular intervals. Line charts can visualize the counter values.

Define Windows Perfmon Templates

Define individual templates for Windows. A template may contain any counter offered by the Windows Perfmon infrastructure. Deploy any number of templates to a device.

JDisc Discovery can collect any set of Windows Perfmon counters. A template defines which counters are part of the current configuration.

JDisc Discovery can also aggregate the values and show hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly statistics about min, max and average values.

Windows Perfmon Counters

Counter Graphical Representation

Our built in interactive line charts graphically visualize the usage over time. Peaks and lows can easily be identified.

For most printers, we collect the number of printed pages (total, color, b&w, duplex) and toner/ink levels. Aggregations show the values on an hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, or quarterly base.

Printer Statistics

Power consumption for PDUs

For PDUs, we can collect the current power usage per socket.

Sensor devices provide temperature and humidity information.

Interface statistics

Switches and routers provide interface statistics such as packets per second, bytes sent, and more.