The Security Add-On determines Permissions on Shared Resources

JDisc Security Add-On

Do you know which user has access to network shares?

Users create network shares on both - servers and PCs or laptops - to share information with other users on the network. As you network grows, it becomes increasingly difficult to find out the users that can access those network shares.

The Security Add-On discovers network shares and associated access permissions. Permission reports can show you all users with their effective access permissions of those shares. Per network share reports display also all directly associated users and user groups along with their access permissions.


The Security Add-On tracks network shares together with the permissions. This is essential information for your rights management!

User permissions for a device's shared resources

Get the list of shared network drives together with their permissions. Use the Effective Permissions button to create a list of all users and their permisions regardless whether they have been assigned directly or by a group membership.

The Shared Resources report displays all shared network drives that are accessible by a selected user. The shared drives are grouped by server/pc. The report also includes the permissions for each shared resource.

Shared resources accessible for a single user

All shared resources on the network

The All Shared Resources creates a list of all shared resources on any computers. The report shows for each computer the list of shared resources together with user and user group permissions.