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Product Information and User Manuals

User manuals and product information

This section provides all user manuals, the installation and the administration guide.

Other Product Information

Miscellaneous documentation

This section offers other product information such as flyers, feature overviews and guides.


Check what features JDisc Discovery offers. The features document provides a high level overview of what JDisc Discovery can do for you to document your network.

Evaluation Guide

The evaluation guide offers guidelines on how to effectively evaluate the product within your network. Get quick results with minimal effort.


Network documentation whitepapers

Our whitepapers highlight special aspects of automated network documentation and discovery and how they are reflected within JDisc Discovery.

Security Whitepaper

Our security guide describes common aspects in the area of network inventory and documentation and how JDisc Discovery copes with them.

Network Discovery Data Quality

The network discovery data quality whitepaper explains what needs to be considered regarding data quality when scanning your network. The whitepaper covers different aspects of data quality when it comes to network inventory.

Agentless vs. Agentbased Discovery Technologies

Our agentless vs. agentbased whitepaper explains the key differences between agentless and agentbased network discovery products. 

Newsletter Archive

Our newsletter archive hosts all newsletters sent in the past...


Network documentation whitepapers

Here you can find the conditions for the support agreement and the annual subscription.

Support Agreement

A support contract is important if you have purchased a perpetual license and want to get upgrades and technical support from us. Here you can find our terms and conditions for our support agreement.

Annual Subscription

With our annual subscription you pay an annual fee for the use of JDisc Discovery. Support and free upgrades are included. Here you can find our terms and conditions for our annual subscription.