Document your IT environment with our workshops


In our workshops, you will get a deep understanding on how to use and configure JDisc Discovery. Together with your IT administrators, we will scan your environment and create a detailed network documentation. During this exercise, you will learn how to operate JDisc Discovery.

Finally, you receive a free JDisc Discovery installation with your IT information. You can use the free installation to run reports.

A typical workshop usually covers the following steps. However, we are also able to tailor the workshop to your specific needs.

  • Install the software on one of your servers
  • Configure JDisc Discovery
  • Run the initial discovery scan
  • Help troubleshoot access problems
  • Train on how to use our reporting and other advanced features
  • Provide a read-only version with all your data
  • Optional: Consulting on how to integrate with other solutions (CMDB, Helpdesk, ...)


Choose between a webinar and an onsite workshop.

Workshop Description Price
Webinar 4 hours webinar for up to 500 devices 500.00 €
Workshop-1 One day onsite workshop 1700.00 €
Workshop-2 Two days onsite workshop 3400.00 €
Workshop-3 Three days onsite workshop 5100.00 €

All prices are net prices not including VAT and travel costs for onsite workshops.

Ask our sales for more details.